And now The Black Cap…

Les pubs continuent de fermer à Londres pour être transformés la plupart du temps en appartements de luxe. Cette fois, c’est l’iconique Black Cap, bar LGBT de Camden, qui a baissé le rideau.
Pubs are closing in London to become most often luxury flats. This time, the iconic Black Cap, an LGBT pub in Camden, has been forced to shut down.

Dear Faucet Inn Limited,

What’s wrong with you? Yeah, I know, no “I hope this finds you well” and all that crap, you don’t really deserve it. So, honnestly, what the fuck is wrong with you? The Black Cap is the third pub in Camden you’re shutting down. First it was The Steele’s, then the Dartmouth Arms, and now The Black Cap. Do you know it’s part of Camden history? Do you know this is an important place for everyone and not only the LGBT community? Do you know people do like their history and have respect for it? What kind of world have you decided to create for us? Shutting down all the iconic places for luxury flats? Is that it? Because, let’s face it, this is a ghost town you’re promising to us. Full of luxury empty flats people can’t afford or won’t live in.
I mean, what the fuck happened in your childhood to destroy iconic places like this? Have you been locked in a pub against your will when you were 5 and so you developped since then a pub phobia? Have you been in any trouble as a teenager with a door guy refusing you the access to a pub? Have you been once so hungover that you decided to run for a “no more pub” policy? Or is it because you became so blind following your love for the financial market so everything you’re doing is only according to a financial plan in which human beings are not included? Do you know that real people are living in a city? Yeah, real people, like rich, poor, middle class; people enjoying going to the pub after work, during the weekends; people who have pleasure to live in a real neighbourhood with a history. Or is it the word “pleasure” you’re uncomfortable with? Or is it with the word “culture” maybe you have a problem? Do you have any idea of the meaning of this one? Or do you think it’s an insult? So let me insult you: culture, creation, pleasure, thinking, human beings, life. Eat that.

A real human being living in Camden


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