The Sheepdogs at The Forum (27 January 16) – Review

The Canadian rockers spread their blues rock in Kentish Town last week. If you missed them, Paris London Style was there.

This is in front of a packed crowd The Sheepdogs played at The Forum in Kentish Town last Wednesday (27 January 16). With their nonchalant style, the Canadian rockers brought their bluesy/country vibe in the Big Smoke. It sounded like being back in the late 60s, early 70s, somewhere around the US. They sound like this when you close your eyes and they also look like this when you open them, with their hairy style and the way they’re dressed.


This was their last show in the UK that night before heading back to Canada. They were here to present their new album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, and that’s exactly what they did. With 4 previous studio albums and a strong fan base in the crowd, they could have chosen, as too many artists do, to play more of their past hits and just few new songs. On the contrary, more than half of the setlist came from ‘Future Nostalgia’.

They started the gig with ‘I’m Gonna Be Myself’, a track from their new EP. Very energetic. If they look nonchalant, they are not with their musical skills. They are in total control of everything and it’s a pleasure to see them play, delivering that sound from another era but still brand new. ‘I Really Wanna Be Your Man’ or ‘Bad Lieutenant’, two other songs from ‘Future Nostalgia’, were a pleasure to discover live too.

The audience was obviously enjoying the old tracks, like ‘Who’ or ‘Southern Dreaming’, but the new ones fitted perfectly well in their whole discography. It’s quite rare for a band to still have brand new things to offer – and brand new GOOD things, I mean – on a 5th album. They closed their set with ‘I Don’t Know’ – from the album ‘Learn and Burn’ – in front of a very excited crow.

My advice: buy their new album if you don’t have it, but mostly, book a ticket next time they pop by.

Future Nostalgia – The Sheepdogs (Warner Music Canada)


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