Run with Wrenne

The concept behind Wrenne and her music was appealing enough to bite my curiosity. She’s singing and playing music – very well. She’s running – all the time. She’s a former Mormon – now a full-time artist and mother. Intrigued? Great. Here’s what happened last Thursday.

Meeting point was at The Forge in Camden last Thursday (March 03). Last time I went there, it was a Greek restaurant. Now it’s a brand new venue, completely refurbished to welcome bands, and that’s rare enough to be mentioned as nowadays venues are closing to open vegan/gluten-free shops. Heigh ceilings are offering a great sound which was exactly what Wrenne needed, and mostly her voice.
If I thought her style was not exactly my kind of things when I first heard her songs on Soundcloud, I stepped back once I heard her voice live. She can do absolutely everything she wants with it and I’ve always been impressed by people with that skill. “Use your voice as an instrument”, you can hear now and then from a singing teacher and that’s what she’s doing.

Her songs are sometimes folk, sometimes pop, sometimes electro, sometimes Wrenne. And her voice is following all the road with no apparent effort. I’m writing “no apparent effort” as with her kind of voice, you could expect she would play it like Adele/Dion/whoever-got-a-voice, when the strength of the vocal cords is used to push the note always further and higher, like a competition where the goal is not to please the audience but to prove you can “make it”. Wrenne doesn’t need that. She’s here to tell a story, her story, and to share everything she’s got to offer with the audience.


She’s sharing her story through her songs but also through pictures on the wall and she tells her life, from her childhood to now. It might sound a bit boring said like this, but actually it’s not. The reason? I think it’s her and the way she’s introducing all that, with simplicity and common sense – two things the world needs more than ever today and missing. She literally brings you with her through her path, smiling all the way. It’s not a fake smile, and because she doesn’t fake it to succeed, there’s an interesting concept on top of the songs: the run.
I’m not at all a huge fan of running, far from that. I’m more the contrary. Running after the bus when I’m late, here’s what I’m able/willing to do. Now you’re wondering what the run has to do with the gig. No, you’re not forced to run while she’s singing. Come on, be serious for a moment. There’s a reason why her tour is called Wrenne.Run.Release. She has planned to be on tour and at the same time go for a small run, a 5K, 10K or a marathon, like in Roma (yep, that city in Italy). As her tour runs, she runs with it and all you have to do is to join her.


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