Let’s talk about feet, baby

Spring is at the corner, you’re already looking for your new stilettos/sandals/spartiates, when suddenly… You’re having a look at your feet. Check this very easy 3-steps to go from “ahh!!!” to “aww”.

After months spent hidden in shoes and socks, feet are not at their best when flowers are blooming again. Of course, we’re princesses, no matter what, but, throw me a shade if I’m the only one, our feet at the end of winter most commonly look like this:

Yep, it’s mine, my horrible dry foot. Erk

Before calling 999 (UK) or 18 (France), or spending half of your monthly income in a trendy beauty salon, you can be your own rescuer for a bargain. How?

Step 1
Exfoliate. This Pedi Scholl cost around £30 and it’s a lifetime investment. Be gentle when you use it. Don’t stay in the same area for too long and use it on dry skin.

Step 2
Wash your feet.

Step 3
Moisturize. This cream from Boots costs £3.99. It leaves your feet smooth, fresh and not greasy. You don’t need a huge amount. Massage your feet with it until it penetrates.

Now you want to see the result, don’t you? Here it is:


Not convinced yet? Ok, for the short-sighted, the before/after (FYI, these are #nofilter pics):

Don’t thank me, you’re welcome.


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