Hold on… Winter is coming? Again?

Winter is coming, they said… And they’re kind of right. When it’s 1° at night and max 10° at 2pm, the White Walkers are not far away. My feet are cold at night. My hair cries for help. My hands are dry again. You too? Here some tips

1- Your hand
Burt’s Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme – £10.99
Moisturize. This is the only way. As it’s cold in the morning and at night and quite ok during the day, you don’t need gloves. Just don’t forget to take with you this hand cream.

2- Your hair
Davines OI/ Conditioner – £16.40
My advice: apply before going to bed after your shampoo and after-shampoo. Beware, there’s a method – very simple – to make it work even better. Separate your hair into 6 or 7 sections. Apply on each section – but just on the length not on the scalp, never. Wrap your hair in a towel. Go to sleep and rinse in the morning.

3- Your feet
Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Hot Water Bottle – £85.00
That’s what you need in your bed (or a cat; or a guy, but not sure you can order these two online in one click). I know… The price… But it’s your feet, they deserve a treat (plus you can pair it with the socks in cashmere too).


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