Artists in Mexico – Bo Bendana

Bo Bendana is a former interior and garden designer and now, she puts all her heart and soul in her Mi Casa Supper Club restaurant in Mexico. Yep, she’s not based in London nor in Paris, but her creative mind worth the trip. Let’s travel a bit further and come with me to San Antonio Del Mar!
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Remember when I introduced you Kayo Anosike? Well, this time, take your passport with you and let’s meet Bo Bendana! Why your passport? Because she’s in Mexico. Her restaurant, Mi Casa Supper Club, is located on the ocean side at San Antonio Del Mar and she offers there world food and unique cocktails. All the food you’re eating there is chosen wisely and comes from local producers. Her inspiration for the menu? “My first inspiration is the ingredients available to me at the time. When my local farmer brings me beautiful eggplant, I can’t help but make my eggplant tapenade or as we call it in Morocco Zaalook“, she told me.

Sharmoula escargot and forteleza tequila
San Quintin Gigamoto Oysters Plain or with Chili-Ginger, Seaweed Salad, Champagne Vinegar Sauce & Flying Fish Caviar


Never say no to dessert

Her imagination is quite endless, even for the cocktails. Mi Casa Supper Club offers a range of drinks you won’t find in another place. “At Mi Casa Supper Club we respect traditions, but we’re not in the business of just selling drinks… It’s all about the experience!”


Different kinds of Martini cocktails
Yummy mojitos

Her creativity stands not only in the food. First of all, Bo Bendana is an interior and garden designer. Well, exactly she was. She retired in 2010 to work on personal projects and give her time for philanthropic projects to help the Baja community, before becoming, in 2012, the executive chef at Mi Casa Supper Club.
That being said, I think it’s important to give you an insight of where she comes from. She’s born in Morrocco and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. From that, she became an interior and garden designer. The way she recreated houses to make them called homes was done with great taste.

As she’s lucky enough to live in a warm country, outdoors are as important as indoors. “My roots are the foundation of who I am today, I grew up traveling with my parents all over the world, so my gardens, my interior design and my menus are inspired by everything beautiful and divine… I call it Eclectic Luxury“, she explained.

Obviously, this is with the same great taste she decorated her restaurant, where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner, or just have a drink in front of the seaside.

Mi Casa Supper Club and the sunset view

I couldn’t help but ask her what she would recommend ordering at Mi Casa Supper Club. “El Borrego Con Mole, a slow-cooked lamb leg with Moroccan spices, Ras El Hanout/ Prune Base Almond Mole Sauce over a Bed of Saffron-Scented Couscous”, is her advice. “Almost every dish on the Mi Casa Supper Club menu is a fusion of Moroccan and Mexican cuisine… Moroxican if you want, and the lamb dish is one of those dishes that we simply can not remove from our seasonal menu… One person flew from Las Vegas to propose to his girlfriend at our restaurant but forgot to tell us that she loves the lamb dish… Of course we couldn’t make it that night, after all, it takes 24 hours from start to finish.”


Last but not least, Mi Casa Supper Club is nominated for the 100 Must Experience of Mexico and you can vote here.

Now you know where to go and what to eat if you’re around…

Mi Casa Supper Club
Estero 54
22710 San Antonio Del Mar,Tijuana, Baja California
Phone: 01 664-609-3459
Opening hours:
Thurs-Sat: 17:00 – 22:00
Sun: 09:00 – 20:00



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