Remain or leave? #Brexit thoughts


pic by me

Brexit… That’s what we all talk about these days. I can’t vote, obviously, I’m French. But it’s been 5 years I’m living in this country. How do I feel? French a bit, British a bit, European a bit, a human being would be the best to describe how I see myself.

Actually, I have no religion, no real beliefs, I never felt strongly French – apart during a football game, but that’s another story. The thing I don’t get with those who want to leave EU is that feeling they’ve got that they will be stronger on their own, that being alone is for the best and diversity is responsible for all their problems.

Among people I know, most of them – for not saying 100% of them – are strong music lovers, always at a gig, discovering new bands and so on. How come you can think that diversity is a curse? If you see yourself as a music lover, how is it possible for you to reject diversity, immigration and how can you be able to think even once that mixing different cultures is a bad thing? No matter what kind of music you like, from Northen Soul to EDM, how the fuck can you think THAT?

I’m talking on purpose about immigration as it is the main topic of this Brexit thing. On one side, it’s “we are stronger together, let people in”, on the other side it’s “close our borders, no more immigrants here”, as nothing else exists but immigration. Just talking about music, what do you think the country would look like without immigration and with borders closed? Manchester, a place I love for its musical history, would have never been this amazing place to discover and make new music. We wouldn’t be able to listen to all these songs we love. The same for Liverpool and so on. That’s because these cities were harbors and the citizens there welcomed a lot of different cultures. That is the only reason why the music we love exists: because we mix with different people and cultures.

Borders closed means it’s also harder to travel, discover the world, meet new people, new cultures, and come back home fulfill with experience, new skills, a new way of thinking, more open-minded. Do you really want to be on your own, isolated in your 1 bedroom for the luckiest here and looking at your neighbor as an enemy? Living in fear of the strangers? Man… Come on…

How come that country became that mad to think someone like Farage is right and has common sense whereas a few years ago the same people were the first to laugh at Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen, swearing THIS would never happen here as people are open-minded? How come a few days ago an MP has been killed obviously because she had different thoughts than another one? What has changed in this country who welcomed me warmly with open arms (and a lot of patience) whereas in my own country, because of the color of my skin, people were endlessly asking me: “no but, seriously, you’re saying you’re French, but, with your skin color, you’ve got roots from somewhere else” before saying to me “oh so you’re not so French, you’re Algerian” a country I’ve never been in my entire life, just because my dad was born there? Here in UK, I’m just French. A boring French with a boring accent, funny for some, but just French.

So excuse my French, guys, but what the fucking fuck is happening to you? What the fucking fuck is happening to the country I fucking love and I call home?




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