Curly hair don’t care

When you have curly hair, you feel kind of cursed because it never looks like this:
loreal curly hair

The truth is, your curly hair will never look like this because you’re not a photoshopped picture. Don’t cry, there are some tips to end the curse.

Let’s start from the beginning. When your hair is curly, it means it’s weaker and dryer than straight hair. The reason is the curls. So you have to be a bit more careful and generous with your hair.

Step 1: moisturise
Elvive Extraordinary Oil, L’Oréal – £2.68
You don’t need to apply a lot of the product as it’s very rich and creamy, but you have to leave it longer as they say on the package. The best is to leave it all night long, your hair in a towel. If you can’t do that, leave it at least one hour still in a towel.

Step 2: treat
OI All in one milk, Davines – £19
Dry your hair with a towel after the mask and apply 15 to 20 sprays. Give yourself a head massage and detangle your hair with your fingers. Use a brush if necessary.

Step 3: treat
LOVE/hair smoother, Davines – £16.40
It depends on how long is your hair, but a tbsp in the palm of your hand is enough. Warm the cream in your hand and apply on damp hair, one section at a time, not on the scalp and twist each section until the end.

Step 4: dry
It’s summer so enjoy the lovely and warm weather to dry your hair naturally. Style your hair when it’s still wet and let the sunshine do his job.

While you’re at it, you can listen to this


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